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Product Range :

For attaining a total water purification, we provide various water purification systems categorized in different sections. The products are comprehended for their functional efficiency and stand as the most effective systems for the removal of trace minerals. The products offered by us are bulletined below :

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
  • RO System
  • RO Cabinets
  • RO Plants
  • RO Parts
  • Water Dispensers
  • Brooklyn Automatic Water Purifier
Applications :
Drinking water purification

The household RO systems, with a reverse osmosis step are usually employed for improving the water for cooking & drinking, all around the world. Such instruments are specifically provided with several step as :
A deposit filter to trap molecules, including calcium carbonate and rust.
Alternatively, a second sediment filter featured with with smaller pores
A reverse osmosis (RO) filter that is (TFM or TFC)
Alternatively, the second carbon filter to capture those chemicals not separated via the RO membrane
Portable reverse osmosis (RO) water processors are marketed for personal water refinement in assorted locations. To work efficaciously, the water feeding to these parts should be under the pressure level of 40 psi or greater is the norm. Portable RO water processors are applicable for rural areas having unavailability of clean water & is far away from the city's water pipes. The devices are really easy to use (saline water may require particular kinds of membranes). Some travelers on fishing, long boating or island camping trips, or in the lands where the local water provision is substandard or polluted, make the use of RO water processors united with one or more UV sterilizers. Presently, RO systems are extensively employed by marine aquarium supporters. These are also employed in the production of bottled mineral water, wherein the water passes via making the use of a RO water processor so as to take away micro-organisms and pollutants. In European countries, such processes of Natural Mineral Water is not permitted under the European law. In pattern, a portion of the living bacteria can & do pass via the RO membranes through insignificant imperfections, or route the membrane completely through tiny leakages in surrounding seals. Hence, complete RO systems may be included with additional water treatment phases which utilize ultraviolet technology for the prevention of microbiological contamination as well as the for the attainment of absolute water purification.

Based on the on filter type, the pore sizes of membrane can differ from 0.1 nanometers (3.99 in) to 5,000 nanometres (0.00020 in). "Particle filtration" withdraws particles of 1 micrometer (3.95 in) or larger "Ultra filtration" take out atoms of roughly 3 nm or larger. "Nanofiltration" take off materials of 1 nm or even larger than it. Reverse osmosis is in the last accumulation of membrane filtration, that is known as "hyper-filtration" can take away the particles larger than 0.1 nm.