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Offering the latest technological innovations to preserve the quality and purity of water. Water Dispensers, R.O. System, R.O. Plant, U.V. Water Purifier, Components Systems, etc...


Kelvin Aqua Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the names who lays emphasis to the drinking of pure water. As it is said that fresh, clean and pure water alone can fight against many infectious diseases. Nevertheless, in today's environment of increased pollution, pure water has scarcity and the outcomes are several deadly diseases like typhoid, cholera, jaundice etc, consequent in a weakened immune system. In the present scenario of modern science, assorted solutions have been made to purify water and make it salutary for consumption. Our company is also stepping towards the same revolution with the optimal offerings of RO systems & water purifiers.

Know Us

One of the various reasons for our existence is water, the everlasting thirst quencher. Water stands as the primary necessity of life and this it is our responsibility to maintain its purity & freshness. We, Kelvin Aqua Engineers Pvt. Ltd., realize our duty and bring forth a wide ambit of water purifier solutions and systems for domestic as well as industrial functions. Having spent a decade in the industry, our company is renowned as a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter & service provider of different water-filtrating solutions. The product line of ours is included with R.O. Systems, RO Cabinets, R.O. Plants, U.V. Water Purifiers, Water Dispensers, RO Parts RO Accessories, Component Systems etc.

The exclusive range of rendered water purifying systems is employed in umpteen domestic and industrial spheres so as to live up to the assorted requirements of industrial, domestic and commercial drinking water. Impeccably designed as well as highly tech-rich, these water purifiers provide the optimum quality of water that has absence of of germs and impurities. Supported with technological expertise as well as immense experience of our employees, the establishment has made a strong foothold in the area of operation. The products provided are applicative for food industry and several others.

Bound up to provide unadulterated quality products such as water dispensers and several others with punctual delivery and competitive pricing, our company aims to make a distinct place for ourselves in both domestic and the global markets. The products we deal in are exported in Europe, Middle East and several other countries across the world.

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